May 14,2004

A Crude Shock NY Times

May 13, 2004

Summer Won't Cure Gasoline Blues

Oil Prices Climb to All Time High

Oil Prices Affecting Travel Costs

Airlines Raising Prices to Cover Fuel Costs

World Oil Demand at 16-Year High

May 12, 2004

Oil Supply Can't Match Demand

Fuel Protests to Begin in U.K.

May 11, 2004

Rising oil prices slam economy

Lehman Says US 1Q Gas Production Fell By 5.3%  

Oil Demand to Rise the Most in 16 Years - Bloomberg

Huge drilling project off N.S. is a big bust

Articol Jurnal Naţional

Articol Evenimentul Zilei

Articol Evenimentul Zilei

Bancherii estimeaza pentru aprilie o inflatie intre 0,8 si 1%

Pretul petrolului ii arde la buzunar pe americani

May 8, 2004

Coal Supplies are Dwindling

May 7, 2004

Price of Oil Breaches $40 Mark

U.K. Gas Prices Keep Going Up

Pretul benzinei, in aer

May 5, 2004

Oil Prices Soar Despite Overproduction

May 4, 2004

 French Version of N.Y. Times Reports, "Towards a Petro-Apocalyspe"

May 3, 2004

Venezuela’s Oil Production Now in Permanent Decline

May 2, 2004

Oil Markets Fear Militants Will Destabilize Industry

May 1, 2004

 Truckers Protest High Gas Prices

Military Draft to be Expanded to Include All Men and Women, Ages 18-34

April 28, 2004

Shell Cuts 2,800 Jobs

April 26, 2004

Oil Industry Spooked By Attacks on Iraqi Oil Industry

April 23, 2004

Prospects Bleak for Iraq Oil Output

New S.E.C. Rule Has Oil Companies in Turmoil in Wake of Shell Scandal

Shell Under Investigation in UK

April 22, 2004

Oil Supply to U.K to Slow to a Trickle

When the Last Oil Well Runs Dry

World Oil Crisis Looms

What to Use When the Oil Runs Out?

April 21, 2004

Head to Head: Oil Concerns

Iraq Oil Exports to be Disappointing

April 19, 2004

Shell Reassess Oil Reserves Yet Again

Oil Prices Hurt UK Factories

April 17, 2004

Gas Prices Keep Breaking Records

April 16, 2004

Major Russian Oil Company in Deep Trouble

April 15, 2004

Bush ineaca in petrol acuzatiile legate de Irak

Invazie rusa pe conducta

Gas Prices Keep Rising

Romania, al doilea Kuweit

April 14, 2004

Norway Prepares for Oil Shortages as North Sea Goes Dry

April 13, 2004

Russia to Run Out of Oil in Six Years

April 8, 2004

North American Natural Gas Summer Surprise Ahead

April 6, 2004

Getting Squeezed at the Pump

April 2, 2004

New Zealand Electrical Grid on the Verge of Collapse

Natural Gas Prices Set to Soar This Summer

April 1, 2004

Fuel Costs Destroying Farmers

Pretul petrolului sare in aer

Cititi, pana nu se taie curentul!

March 31, 2004

OPEC Cuts Oil Production

Argentina Energy Crisis Threatens to Destabilize Region

March 30, 2004

Australia Facing Severe Crisis: Only Enough Oil for Five Years

New Zealand Citizens Begin Preparing for Crisis; Government in Denial

Revised Natural Gas Estimates Ominous

March 29, 2004

Shell  Job Cuts Linked to Oil Reserve Crisis

Giant British Oil Field on the Verge of Failing

Immediate and Profound Oil Shortages in Australia

High Fuel Costs Force 12 Texas Power Plants to Close Down

March 25, 2004

Louisiana Oil Executives In “Panic Mode” as Crisis Looms

March 24, 2004

Texas Oil Plants on Terror Alert

Perfect Storm About to Hit as Oil Prices Climb

Bush Chided for High Oil Prices

Gas Prices Likely to Stay Up

March 23, 2004

Big China Oil Field Running Low

US Gas Prices at Record High

March 21, 2004

Shell Denies Auditor Delay Claims

March 19, 2004

Shell's Difficulties Could Spread to Rest of Oil Industry

Petrolul, la cel mai mare pret inregistrat in ultimii 13 ani

March 18, 2004

Shell's Slippery Slope

March 17, 2004

Oil Prices Surge to 13 Year High

March 14, 2004

CIA Estimates Chinese Demand for Oil Will Create World Shortages

March 9, 2004

Venezuela President Threatens "100 Year War" If US Invades for Oil

March 8, 2004

Running Out of Oil and Time

February 24, 2004

Oil Shortages Certain by 2007

February 23, 2004

NY Times Confirms Peak Oil:

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

February 19, 2004

Gas Prices Soaring in California

February 18, 2004

Japan Signs Huge Oil Deal with Iran, US Very Upset

El Paso Corp. Reduces Natural Gas Reserve Estimates 41%

February 13, 2004

Energy Crisis Will Limit Births

February 11, 2004

Dwindling Oil Supplies to Bring Energy Crisis

February 1, 2004

ExxonMobil Report Confirms Oil and Gas Shortages Will Be Severe

January 29, 2004

Severe Oil Shortages in Western Europe

January 28, 2004

Demand for Oil Outstripping Supply

January 18, 2004

Gas Prices Keep Rising

January 11, 2004

Russia Upstages US in Caspian Oil Game

January 9, 2004

Major Oil Stocks Fall as Shell Revises Reserves